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In his first choreographic attempt, Alexandros Stavropoulos is experimenting with the convergence of two seemingly incompatible domains: Exonerating the stereotypical approaches of Disney’s heroines, he brings to stage eight versions of Cinderella, with a proposition that does not superficially "modernize" the fairy tale, but rather bares it of its narration and places it in the space created by the music of Steve Reich. This paradoxical mix allows us to “read” the minimalist, repetitive, rhythmic patterns of Music for Pieces of Wood quite differently. The movements that are inspired by the animated film Cinderella are turned into emphatic gestures thanks to the 8-strong dance ensemble, but at the same time remain true to the abstractive, clean form of the music track.


Alexandros Stavropoulos suggests that we should stand on the slim boundary that separates the seemingly antithetical worlds of music and movement, and allow humour to permeate music, thus reinventing the entire viewing-listening experience.


Choreographer: Alexandros Stavropoulos

Duration: 15 min


A group of people gather: they want to strike, protest. 

But although they belong to the same union and share the 

same goal, their approaches, personalities and views are 

fundamentally different. 

In »The conference«, Alekseij Canepa explores stressful 

processes and dynamics within an interest group, with a spiced 

dose of irony and humor. 

His choreography shows a community that fights for a common 

ideal but wants to achieve it with different strategies and ways 

of thinking. There are heated discussions and struggles, the 

members diverge, seem united, want to become the leader, 

form fronts. Everyone knows the direction - but which way 

leads to the goal? Is unity an illusion?


Choreographer: Alekseij Canepa

Music: Daniel Hatvani


In “Handle with care” - Alekseij Canepa wants to evidence the idea of humans’ fragilities and vulnerabilities.

Throught the idea of the doll, the duet wants to show how  humans are playing with each other feelings and trust, forgetting sometimes how we can be breakable, like a doll. 

The piece has the purpose to manifest to the audience this topic and make realize that we should take care of each other, that’s why the title “Handle with care” - phrase that is often written on delivery boxes, with fragile things inside.


Choreographer: Alekseij Canepa 



Choreographer: Dylan Zuccarelli



L’idea coreografica nasce dalla musica …Una dolce cantilena come quella cantata dalle nostre nonne che racconta di radici vivide e vissute dalle donne forti del sud capaci con la loro risoluta dolcezza a custodire l’essenza della vita.


Choreographer: Rossella Coppola


What do we want to be liberated from?

As an artist, the choreographer often feels that the has the duty to represent reality. However, he is more interested in a parallel fantasy.

Almost like another dimension where time, space and, or

sensation are altered, dilated or flipped. A dimension that allow us to change our vision on what it means to be a human.



The choreographer wants to explore the feeling of enjoyment and self-entertainment in dance and art in general. He connects with Marta Minujin's vision of life. He thinks it is important to take life not too seriously. From an artistic point of view, he lets myself be influenced by the sensation of ridicule and bizarre.


Choreographer: Pablo Girolami 

Duration: 13 min


Fluke is the representation of the human imagination.

The Choreography has as its key object an imaginary box, whose secret content varies from

person to person.

Precisily for this reason the dancers react in their own way to the content of the box, and also

for the audience this can be imagined in different ways.

Fluke is a piece open to the dreams, the inventiveness and fantasy.


Choreographer: Alekseij Canepa

Duration: 7 min


Pursue is a dynamic narrative focused on the intense environment of dating culture. Beginning off the culture of speed dating in Amsterdam and developing in the process of Jort and his four performers, Pursue takes the tediousness, excitement, boredom and thrill of meeting someone new on stage. Dating necessitates communicating yourself to another in a small amounts of time, manifesting in intense relationships between one another that often drop away. This temporary intensity structures the work and relationships that develop between the dancers, giving space for audience and performers alike to ask themselves how do you present yourself to someone new? How do you perform your identity to someone you want to get to know better? What becomes most important to communicate? Through humor and narrative familiarity, Jort celebrates  the certain uncertainty of attraction and desire. 


Choreographer: Jort Faber

Duration: 8 min


The choreography “Libera-Mente” has the purpose to represent how many limits the human being has.

The limit that is shown in the piece by Alekseij Canepa is the close mindedness.

This limit creates lots of borders and means to have a mind firmly unreceptive to new ideas, arguments.

The choreographer in this performance wants to show how the close minded people creates walls and how they want to impose their ideas as the right and main ones, trying to influence or set aside every person that is thinking different to them.

Against them, there’s the open minded individuals, who tries to face and change the close mindedness around them, showing what is possible to do and to see, without any mind limits.


Choreographer: Alekseij Canepa

Duration: 22 min


The show EXTERNAL RELATIONS has the intent to represent, through various choreographies, how in today's society people relate to each other and how these relationships can be influential in everyday decisions.


Censorship is the expression of the irreducible alterity of power respect to civil society.

The connection that the painter Francis Bacon establishes between the press, the gunpowder and the compass reminds us that the advent of the press is situated in a new world, inaugurated by war machines never seen before and by the opening of unexpected spaces.

The persecution can not prevent public expression.

A man with an independent thought can express his opinions publicly and even have them printed.

Alekseij Canepa decided to represent in his show two different categories in society, and how censorship is imposed by one class oppressing the other.


Choreographer: Alekseij Canepa

Production: Studio Danza Alla Poilova

Duration: 8 min


The choreography represents different images that are sought and intersect forming a unique image but with different colors.


Choreographer: Alex Atzewi 

Production: Studio Danza Alla Poilova

Duration: 5 min


The performance "Waterfalls", created by Alekseij Canepa, is meant to represent water as ametaphor of life, of existence,

Water is the element that gives and maintains life, a symbol of purification, spirituality andrebirth.

Our life, like a river, runs unhindered with various obstacles,

One of them falls into the vacuum, the waterfall.

A waterfall where all your feelings are in a descent free, uncontrollable.

A collapse that varies from person to person, from waterfall to waterfall,a collapse where you look helpless to trace where you fell.

He has now landed so painfully on the ground.

This arrival, however, will bring with it new forces, new hopes and new emotions: A rebirth.

Reaching our way of life, like the water that moves harmoniously after the waterfall,Letting

everything flow past.

"Waterfalls" is all this: strength, agility and harmony

Choreographer: Alekseij Canepa

Production: Studio Danza Alla Poilova

Musics: Mattia Moro

Duration: 20min



Choreographer: Simone Repele

Duration: 17 minutes


The performance IO E' created by Alekseij Canepa, has the purpose to represent through 3 acts as human beings with the advent of technology began to relate less between them,becoming encreasily

automatons,almost remote controlled by others.

The first, entitled NOW, tells everydays life, how a human being is related to various events in a day.

The second act, LAB, is the introduction of the laboratory in which we notice the trasformation of man in automaton.

The final act, VITALISTIC MECHANISM,is inspired by the cultural current of Futurism. Infact, he dance represented becomes more mechanical,dynamic and antigraceful.

The intent is to imitate the gestures of the machines, becoming a mettalistic dance.


Choreographer: Alekseij Canepa

Original Music: Armenia Music-Antonio Armenia

Projection: Antonio Armenia

Production: Studio Danza Alla Poilova

Duration: 45\50 min


Choreographer: Alekseij Canepa